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Sound System


IMG stage line lOOOwAmp

 Matrix 500w mosfet Amp

 S LTO Mac 2.3 1000w Amp

Sound desk

Wharfedale pro R -2004FX mixer

 16 line input channels


1 Tascam Double Cassette Deck

 1 Tascam MD-301 m / c minidisc

 1 Numark twin CD player

1 laptop / ipod


7 input stage microphone box

2 kam wireless mics

3 wired microphones with stands

Speaker System

2 Wharfedale Pro LX - 15E, 800watts, 8 ohms - wall-mounted at either side, front of stage

 2 Wharfedale Pro EVP- 510, 440watts, 8 ohms - wall-mounted halfway down auditorium

2 Alesis Pro Venue 1201, 200 watts, 8 ohms - wall-mounted at rear of stage

two more speakers available

Foldback Monitors

There are 2 foldback monitors secured on either side of the auditorium

 42" Sony Bravia screen monitor on left wall of auditorium

42" Sony Bravia screen monitor on right wall of auditorium

fed by hdmi cable from control room

Lighting Specifications

Control room

Strand lighting control console 48 circuits

Manual / preset video display

F.O.H. Ceiling

6 x Strand Brio profiles 18/30 2 x E.T.C. Source 4 Zoom profiles

F.O.H. Sidewalls

4 x Strand Quartet profiles 22/40


30x Fresnel type spots (Acclaim; Quartet; Scenco)

 6 x Strand Coda flood 500w


4 sets of 4 Strand Coda 500/4 (i,e. 16 lamps on 4 circuits)

Extra lamps available:-

2 x Strand Prelude 16/30

1 x Minuette Fresnel

4 x Strand profile 500w

2 x Strand Fresnel 500w

TOTAL 73 Lamps

Dressing Rooms

2 dressing rooms in total, en-suite on first floor

Green room on first floor

Central heating

Make-up desk with lights

Hand Basin

Costume Rail Hangers

Minimum x10 chairs

2 dustbins

4 double 13amp sockets

19" T.V. monitors with CCTV camera of stage + regional channels

Dressing Room 1 en-suite

Room 3.5 x 5.7 m

Room 2 (Green room)

Room 2.77 x 5.48 m

Dressing Room 3 en-suite

Room 3.17 x 5.49m

Technical Specifications

See the stage hydraulics in action